Freelance PR 

Strategic brand consultation with made-to-measure PR services to fit your brand’s objectives. Based in Berlin and London, I commute between the two capitals and offer exposure in the British or the German press. Whether you are looking for a one-off project or long-term PR guidance, I offer a variety of PR activities to get you the visibility you need.

PR Services

  • Strategic brand consultation
  • Market launch representation
  • Digital PR
  • Classical PR
  • Social Media Influencer engagement and collaborations
  • Wikipedia page creation
  • Copy writing (newsletters, blog entries)
  • Media planning
  • Translations (press texts from German & Spanish into English or vice-versa)


Social Media Management 

  • Creating an online presence for your brand (Instagram & TikTok)
  • Storytelling
  • Strategic content creation and production
  • Channel hosting
  • Interaction with users
  • Increasing user Engagement
  • Brand collaborations


Website Design

Website creation:

    • Responsive design
    • Logo and graphic design
    • SEO
    • Newsletter subscription
    • Domain creation and acquisition
    • Database and hosting
    • Translations (press texts from German into English or vice-versa)

Website maintenance:

  • Regularly updating the website (calendar, products, e-commerce)
  • Managing hosting sites
  • Running backups
  • Checking for 404 errors and server redirects
  • Removing spam comments
  • Updating and creating content

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Website Design and Social Media Activities:


PR Activities:

  • Steven Sloane
  • Amira El Sayed
  • Maqu Sustainable Fashion
  • Harry Dean Lewis
  • Click&Brew
  • UNICEF Berlin

I am also currently working in the Press Office at the International Berlin Film Festival

In-house Public Relations experience:

  • Claudia Wünsch Communication
  • Daily Express
  • Deutsche Welle
  • BBC Leeds
  • Radio Hamburg
  • Hamburg 2


About me

Growing up with two different cultures and languages (English and German), I have always been fascinated by different cultures and how people interact. This has translated into my desire to deliver brand messages to international audiences.

With widespread experience working in the media in different countries and having worked for a number of leading PR agencies, I have a clear understanding of how the media works internationally.

My experience in different editorial offices has not only provided me with an international network of journalists, but has also given me an insight of what journalists look for in terms of trending content.

Currently based in Berlin, I offer strategic brand consultation, social media management and website design in the culture and lifestyle sectors with a made-to-measure PR approach to suit your brand’s objectives.